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Спорт Игры Спорт
Разработчик Evan McCarthy
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Ever wonder how a locker room attendant can take a bag of footballs into a bathroom and deflate 11 of them by two psi in under 90 seconds? Now, you get your chance to be that locker room attendant and help cheat... er... I mean lead your team to victory!

Based on the best-selling scandal currently facing pro footballs favorite team from New England!

Simply long press on the "Inflate" button to add air pressure; long press on the "Deflate" button to remove air pressure. Once you are satisfied with a football, move on to the next one. Finish all 12 in under 90 second, and youll be crowned World Champion! But remember, your quarterback likes his footballs flat, so make sure to keep the air pressure under the legal limit.